The Art of Alignment

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✨ How do I know if this is for me?

  • You want to work for yourself, but taking the leap feels too scary and risky.
  • You desire to leave corporate America, but you're not sure how to do it or if you'll succeed.
  • You feel burnt out but, not sure what you'd rather do instead.
  • You have a lot of creative ideas and passions, but don't really know if any of them will work.
  • You're willing to take the risk, but want guidance (+ a clear AF roadmap) on what to expect and how to navigate difficult moments.
  • You're feeling a tension between what you heart wants vs. what your mind wants and not sure what to do.
  • Perhaps, you're already doing your own thing, but you're not feeling it 100%.

If this is you, keep reading...

🌳 What will I learn?

In this unconventional guide, I share everything I know about how to:

  • Quit corporate America for good + get what you most desire
  • Discover your alignment and power in everything you do
  • Bridge the gap between your mind, body, and heart
  • Identify and heal from burnout
  • Navigate big life transitions and the "void"

You'll get access to:Β 

  • A 100+ page book β€”Β The Art of Alignment β€” on how to discover ✨ alignment ✨ in your life, relationship, and career. In PDF format. (EPUB coming soon!)
  • Clear identification of problems you may be experiencing right now and how to shift out of them
  • 10+ Journalling, meditation, and embodiment practices that I personally used to guide me through big shifts in my career and relationships (this ain't no boring business book)

🦚 Who am I?

Hi! I'm Candace. I left my 6-figure tech job with no plan in September 2020. When I quit, I was terrified AF but I went for it anyways. It was the best decision I ever made. I'm now the co-CEO/founder of Wonder Monday, feel energized and inspired daily, and in a deep loving, conscious union. This came with a ton of struggle. I cried A LOT and spent thousands of dollars on coaches, therapists... the whole gambit. Now, it's my deepest joy and purpose to share everything I know with you in an easeful and digestible way.

I wrote this for my past self.

May this be of service. :)

Quotes From Readers:

"Holy shit. This was exactly what I needed to take action. I've been thinking about quitting my job forever but was feeling stuck for over a year. Thank you for the exercises. Had a major breakthrough." β€”Β M.D

"your book is everything I needed to hear in this moment. Thank you for writing it πŸ˜ŒπŸ™ŒπŸΌ I can tell how much thought, passion, and intention it was written with. πŸ’— I love that you have tangible exercises and reflection questions incorporated in each chapter. I feel like a lot of self help books fail in that regard β€” it’s all theory based and it’s really hard for me to practice or incorporate it. But the way you’ve structured your book is concise and practical 😌" β€” J.H.

I want this!

A complete guide on how to discover ✨ alignment ✨ in your life, relationship, and career.

The Art of Alignment
100+ Pages
Journaling Practices
Embodiment Practices
Guided Meditation


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The Art of Alignment

2 ratings
I want this!